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Tupperware® "the Trade Mark of Quality" Parents' Magazine seal of approval.

Products shown in line drawing, Plate, Cup and Saucer, Divided Plate, Cereal Bowl, Sauce Bowl, Cream and Sugar with flat lids. Canisters, Refrigerator Bowls, Handolier, Butter Dish, Tumblers, Midgets, Shaker, Cigarette Case with match book space, Silent Partner Poker Chips, Funnels, Place Card Holder, Party Bowl, Coasters and All-in-one.

Of all these Tupperware® products shown only the Wonderliers, Canisters, Haldolier, Refrigerator Bowls and Cereal Bowls are offered Today.

But you can still find many of these items on eBay and Amazon and they still work great.


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